AAPPR Leadership Summit – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The AAPPR Leadership Summit in Minneapolis, Minnesota was an amazing experience. CAPS was generous enough to invest in a member and sent them to be part of a great learning experience. Everyone at the summit learned a lot about themselves, not only as leaders but as individuals. Each personality type and architecture have an effect on both personal and professional lives. Everyone responds to different situations in their own way. Joanne Stadnik was the Keynote and Workshop host. She did an interactive presentation on The Power of You Doing You. It was a great morning and a great way to learn more about fellow AAPPR members. The afternoon at the Summit was a great update from Carey Goryl and Lynne Peterson on what to expect in 2020 from AAPPR. AAPPR is looking to work on increasing membership and retention of membership. The new fellowship curriculum is being put together to be a formal certification. Everyone who wants to finish the current fellowship please complete it by April 2020, prior to the conference. Again, it was a great day with great people. Thank you CAPS for investing in our members!